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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ . >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the news hour, live in doha and the top stories in al jazeera, they are in south korea as the north puts armed forces on alert and reforce the emerge of missile engine tests. a warning for the global economy, two powers tells the united states to sort out its debt crisis fast and the pentagon reveals what it knows
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on al shabaab and which fighters it wants to go after plus. >> and at a farm in spain, people here are accusing the government of sabotaging are you newable energies and putting a tax on the sun. >> reporter: and the cover comes off, a monumentel word by controversial artists in kata. ♪ north korea put it's armed forces on high alert and warning the united states of what it calls a horrible disaster after a giant aircraft care was this korea and the arrival of the uss george washington says america is hostile and let's bring in harry foster who is live from the south korean capital of seoul and bring us up to date on
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the developments first. >> we should separate what is happening today and what is being reported by the national intelligence service in a regular briefing to the national assembly which also happened today and refers to what has happened in resent weeks or months. what is happening today is the -- it was due to get underway, the military exercises between the united states, south korea and japan off the coast of south korea, as you reported just now north korea has a warning saying it's ready and forces on high alert to respond in the event of what it calls u.s. aggression which is fairly standard stuff but what is more interesting and what emerged within the last hour has been this regular briefing by the national intelligence service to the intelligence committee of the parliament, national assembly, and it's being reported by yan-hab the news agency here that the national intelligence
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service has assessed a number of highly interesting developments. firstly kim jong vowed to reunify korea by military force within three years and replaced some 44% of the commanding level officers of his army. as well as that he put his forces on the stand by to attack south korea, confirming as well what has been reported elsewhere by analysts in the united states that the graphite nuclear reactor in north korea restarted as they vowed to do and as well as that that there has been a missile engine test at the testing facility. so this is a lot of information that we are getting in a slightly piecemeal fashion. we don't have the context for it yet and don't have precise details of when and what happened and exactly what was said and to whom, because this has not come out as a proper
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briefing by the intelligence service and it has come through some sort of filtered source straight to the news agency and getting the top lines but all of them show very interesting things and perhaps kim jong trying to get support of military by making these and carrying out these actions. >> reporter: it's interesting this is happening now given that we see tensions ease on the korean peninsula between north and south korea and the reopen of the joint industrial complex. with all the latest developments is that likely to change, will we see tensions escalate once again? >> well, i think what a lot of people watching north korea have been worried about and saying in recent weeks is that, yes, things have been progressing in terms of these lower-level engagements with south korea and things like ka-sun and attempts at least to get family reunions that separated families and indeed north korea attended this
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china-sponsored round of quasi six-party informal talks where they said they were willing to come back to the talks table without preconditions. but none of that really has moved the south koreans or the japanese or most importantly the united states for the call for north korea to make some significant movements and show that it's willing to de-nuclear rise itself and it said it would be a nuclear prour power and will have economic prosperity side by side and said it will continue in the nuclear program and getting little movement from south korea or the united states in these other attempts to try and engage them in dialog. so it could well be this is part of the strategy really to try a different tack and see if they can get something out of appearing hostile once again.
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>> thank you for the update in the south korean capitol of seoul. the world's second and third largest economies warned the united states sort out your debt crisis fast, both china and japan are predicting problems of the world's economic powerhouse doesn't resolve the budget deadlock soon. the appeal was made as world leaders concluded the asia-pacificorp rays in bali and barack obama should have been there but stayed at home to try to tackle the shut down and budget problems. the general aim of the summit was to make trade easier between 21 members of apec and let's look at the promises that have been made at the summit. the members agreed to put in place prudent and responsible economic policies to drive global growth and 21 member group pledged to secure food, energy and water from threats caused by the environment. it was also an agreed to improve roads, bridges and ports in the region with the aim of improving
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business. >> we are in a win-win situation especially at the time that we have to fully recover. and we confirm our commitment for the energy global growth. >> reporter: we are live from bali indonesia and the agreements at the conclusion of the summit and a very stern lecture to the u.s. to live up to its responsibilities. >> yes, that is exactly of course, one man was dearly missed at the summit, president obama. and it seems the more the officials down played his absence as not being crucial the more concerns were raised by other countries about the fact that he wasn't here. not only because it shows that the u.s. is not really committed to asia-pacific which is a crucial region in the world, of
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course also to make sure there will be a world economic recovery, this region is absolutely crucial. and it shows that obama's absence, definitely has, yeah, it shows that he doesn't really commitment to the region and not only that it also shows that, you know, it seems that the u.s. doesn't have his house in order and that shows also to china and japan that you know that they can't rely on the u.s. with the commitment in this region and of course that has made crucial accent in the summit. >> reporter: what about the trans pacific agreement that is controversial and includes china of course, has there been any advances on that? >> well, yeah, some people have called the trans pacific partnership the largest free pact in the world because of
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obama's absence at the summit. they say there has not been any significant program. of course there have been talks in the silence of the apex summit about the partnership but nothing has been achieved. so what people here are saying that they have to wait about a year probably for the next apex summit in china to have any progress on that. >> thank you very much, we are live from bali. meanwhile the u.s. government's programs are running out of money and threatening to go to a halt and the partial government shut down is in the second week and doesn't look like it's ending soon because of the political stalemate on capitol hill and vulnerable people may soon have no where to go and kimberly hawk reports. >> and they run a shelter for domestic violence in washington d.c. and they rely on government money to function and dealing with a shortage of funding because of federal budget cuts
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but with a partial government shut down she fears soon. >> there is not going to be any place for survivors to run to in an emergency and really bottom line that more survivors will end up on the streets or end up god only knows dead as a result of domestic violence because they had though place to go. >> reporter: she estimates she can keep the shelter for women and children running for about another two weeks then the emergency money she receives from the government will run out. peeking in washington, president obama claims there is a way to end america's fiscal deadlock that kept government programs closed for a week. >> the truth of the matter is there are enough republican and democrat votes in the house of representatives right now to end the shut down. >> reporter: a top republican in congress is blaming democrats and the president for the political brinkmanship that is about to get worst, on october 17 they face falsing on payments in the first time in history if
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they don't lift the $16.7 trillion borrowing limit. >> the president had us at the white house last week and reminded me he was not going to negotiate and keeping the government open or over the looming need to increase the debt limit. the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting our economy and putting our country at risk. >> reporter: but for now it is ordinary american whose are sufficient fefring with government services they counted on disappearing and it will not investigate some transportation accidents that includes this one over the weekend that killed a contractor working on the washington d.c. subway system. >> it's fast. >> reporter: and the u.s. centers for disease control announced it's not tracking flu out breaks because two thirds of the staff has been told to stay home. and familiar strains of the illness may,000 go undetected if yet another government program
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put on hold potentially putting thousands of americans at risk and kimberly with al jazeera in washington. >> the united nations secretary general is proposal sending 100 weapons experts to destroy syria's chemical weapons stockpile and moon said there is unprecedented danger in the mission which could last a year and 35 experts are there to dismantle the weapons and should be finished by the middle of next year. the united states has released the first details of a man special forces tried to capture in somalia over the weekend and dozens of people were killed last month when al shabaab attacked a shopping mall and we go to andrew simmons who is in the capitol of nairobi and what do we know of the background of the man and the attempt to arrest him? >> more and more is emerging on this. what we are hearing from the u.s. defense department is that
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they were setting out to capture mohamed known as creamer and the seal team six was the force used said by the u.s. to have been used in the killing of osama bin laden, they attacked a building in a town called barawe and it was known that a lot of al shabaab leaders are in this place and according to u.s. defense department they did not capture their target even though the operation was carried out with unparallel precision and one or two people were killed and we don't have the identities confirmed of these men. but we do understand that the -- there was a serious fight and commander for the u.s. withdrew
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taking casualties. >> reporter: more and more information is emerging about those in charge of al shabaab and let's take a look at two of the top leaders. and moktar ali zubeyr godane was born in somalia and had training in afghanistan and a public place and in 2009 he was this a video pledging support to al-qaeda and next is mukhtar robow, the main spokesman and born in somalia and studied law in sudan and opposes how he runs al shabaab but is still a member of the organization. so andrew more information about the leadership of al shabaab but do we know more about the activitie activities? >> what is clear in looking at the information coming out of the pentagon and also a report
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leaked about a week ago an intelligent service report to al jazeera a week ago which gives detail about foiled operations, time and time again we are seeing links to al-qaeda in pakistan, information from there and indeed planning and also the creamer, this person the u.s. was after is mentioned in a number of foiled attacks. he is detailed as being involved in an attack at 2011 and targets were the kenyan parliament and u.n. office in nairobi, that was foiled and there was a raid made in which the number of arrests were made and also some got away. now, what is also interesting about what we are hearing is another name which is mentioned in the cc-tv revealed video on the west gate mall attack and that is omar and he is known to
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have been mombasa and live in baraway attacked by the u.s. seals and his father now dead was involved with harren fazel and they are dead now and involved on a bombing attack on a u.s. embassy back in 1998 and also in 2002 attack on israeli-owned hotel, an attempted shooting down of a u.s. jet back in 2002. so what we are seeing now is more and more information coming through about the u.s. intent on trying to attack with their intelligence al shabaab leadership in somalia. >> reporter: thank you, we are in nairobi for us. still to come on this al jazeera
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news hour. ♪ earning less than a dollar a day an army of child labor digs for gold in nigeria plus. >> i'm wayne hey in tokyo where we meet a man facing this for the second time in his life because of the city's decision to host the olympic games. >> reporter: they are celebrating in la, joe will have the latest on the mlb playoffs in sports. ♪ the captain of the boat that sank off the italian cost last week is arrested and he has been charged with multiple murder and aiding illegal immigration and bodies of 231 migrants have been recovered off the island of lampedusa and we are joined live from lampedusa so an arrest has been made even as the death toll from this tragedy continues to
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rise. >> well, indeed, with the authorities from the detention center here on the island of lampedusa where he was detained with the other hundred and survivors of the shipwreck and he was identified by tens of them and they say he was the captain that went from libya here off the shores of lampedusa and now he has been brought to be transferred by the italian police to the town on the island and will be charged for aiding illegal immigration and a shipwreck and it's considered a crime. and now the migrants also gave details of the horrific travel that they were subjected to and the conditions on that boat. they said that they spent days
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in a warehouse and off in the fields off miserati and this boat was badly over crowded with more than 500 people and it was so over crowded as a matter of fact they had trouble standing. there was though space for them to sit down or lie down. they also said they believe it was the captain that was arrested today who decided to set fire to that blanket to signal their position to the italian authorities once they were off the shores of lampedusa and the fire spread quickly across the boat and causing it to sink and causing so many people to die. and we are being told right now that a smaller boat erupted this morning in that immigration center, set many migrants blocked the entrance with mattresses complaining of the conditions of the center saying they were forced to sleep rough,
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outdoors in the pouring rain which is falling on the island overnight and the migration center is badly over crowded as well and built for 250 and more than 1,000 are now staying there. >> reporter: in lampedusa thank you for the update. the retrial of a greek journalist who published the names of 2000 tax evader has begun in athens and he is accused of breach of privacy for leaking the la-guard list and he was acquitted of privacy laws but said the verdict lacked credibility. so what is la-guard list? it includes 2000 wealthy greek whose have bank accounts in switzerland, the list was originally given to greek authorities in 2010 by the then french finance minister to help them find tax offenders and they accused the greek government of tampering with a list to get the
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lists off of politicians and little action to prosecute the tax evaders on the list and we are in athens now with more. >> on the surface of it this is a trial about whether greece's privacy law was breached, whether the publication of 2059 names of people with swiss bank accounts constitutes a revelation of private and sensitive data to the public. underneath that, as the lawyers will argue, there is a very large political issue and this is whether the government of the last 2-2 1/2 years have shown adequate political will in exploiting the la-guard list as it's called to track down potential tax evaders and that is something that parliament has decided does need to be investigated further. a committee of inquiry formed last sum per did indict a former finance minister and two former heads of the financial crime squad which conducts audits for
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failing to more effectively use that list in their pursuit of tax evasion. that means that these people will now, if the court is formed in parliament as the law foresees, those people will now face charges of possible criminal negligence. and so he says why am i, an honest journalist, being indicted for revealing what is after all only a list of names in the pursuit of something that the political system says does need to be investigated? why am i being politically victimized and sees this as an attempt to eliminate him rather than a trial based on legal principle. when a city is awarded the right to host the olympic games there is a period of celebration and ford by concerns and complaints about the work that lies ahead and we report from tokyo which is set to host the
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games in 2020. >> tokyo, yeah. in 7 years the capitol of japan will be in party mode when it is the first asian city to host the olympics twice but for some bad things also come in twos and he is a shy, 79-year-old who is reluctant to show his face fully on camera, before the last olympics in 1964 he and his family were forced to move to make way for the main stadium to be built. >> translator: my wife went with everyone to lived around us to the tokyo government for opposition but it was national policy we had to obey but we didn't want to leave. now it is set to happen all over again. >> reporter: the building behind me is his apartment block. and just across the road here is where he used to live until they decided to build the stadium here for the 1964 olympic games. and fortunately for him and many other him it's also where they will build the main stadium for the 2020 games along with most
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of the other olympic facilities. and he feels japan has more important things to deal with at the moment like reconstruction following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and he can remember 1964 very well. it was his first olympics working as a photographer. he has been there since and capturing the moments tan country came together in 1964 following the devastation of world war ii and hopes they can do it again. >> translator: and japan was trying to rebuild itself from the war and this time it's from the tsunami. there are things people are concerned about and poses so many and these are the hardships that people have to overcome. >> reporter: the decision to award tokyo the games created extra excitement and motivation for children around the whole country. >> i want to be the japan king and to be the ace. >> reporter: but for others
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there is much more than sport to consider. >> translator: when i think about how many people are going to be troubled, suffer and feel sad, it pains me even more. >> reporter: the local government says effected residents will be moved for city-run complexes and according to games organizers this will be a compact olympics but not compact enough for some and wayne hey with al jazeera tokyo. >> reporter: china is counting the cost of typhoon fitow and down grades to a tropical storm after killing five people and affecting 3 million others, more than 1700 homes have been destroyed, the cost of the damage in the provinces is put at $2 billion. and let's get an update in the world weather and stormy weather in the pacific right now. >> pretty much so and fitow is on its way out, having dropped huge and up to 350-400
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millimeters of rain in 48 hours but the next system is causing problems. and a short take across okinawa and up through the middle of the korea strait and avoiding the land the worst of it and beginning to weaken and sustained winds at 100 kph but below hurricane force winds but the track takes it through the strait and then along the western side of hon-chu island of japan and we will see a lot of rainfall over the next 24 hours and also the far south of south korea, so poosan will see a lot of rain, 100-150 rain maximum and goes quickly and from wednesday through thursday and there is right in the pacific so it's a fast-moving system and very quickly indeed and another system we watch is this, disorganized area of showers to the east of the
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philippines. that can move closer and heavy rain expected over the coming days. >> richard thank you very much indeed. and the united states is set to debut the counterfeited currency the 100 bill and it's two years behind schedule because of unexpected printing problems and this is an old $100 bill and dates back 30 years, the original note dates back to 1929 and it was reprinted several times over the decade and the version in circulation tied was in march of 1996, the first major redesign with a contemporary and anticounterfeit measures. this is the new one and more colorful and more secure and easy to authenticate but hard to copy and we explain from washington d.c. >> he was never a u.s. president but the face of founding father benjamin franklin is universally
6:28 am
recognizing thanks to his portrait on the 100 bill and has a new look including two features a holographic blue strip and an ink well and the color changes when tilted and improvements will make it easier to be used by vision impaired users and this is a specimen copy could be worth a lot more than $100 to rare currency collectors, if the 8 digit serial number is low or, fancy or see kens can be sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars and the most sophisticated computers will be unability to reproduce the notes and designed to confound those who might try to profit printing bogus copies of the popular exports, two thirds of the notes in existence exchange hands outside the u.s. at any given time. the benjamins are particularly popular in illegal commerce like drug trafficking but they use
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u.s. money exclusively as the official currency and 14 others accept it along their own notes. this is the first redesign of the bill since 1996. but you will be still seeing plenty of the previous edition in circulation for months to come. >> if u.s. policy that all designs of u.s. currency remain legal tender regardless of when they were issued. >> reporter: as the world's dominant currency the u.s. dollar enjoys enormous demand and some like canadian billionaire said the american bucks days are numbered. >> chinese have 3.5 trillion u.s. dollars and spending these dollars as quickly as they can. and it may not be long before the rest of us in the world and the u.s. will be thinking likewise. i do. >> reporter: but certainly not the u.s. government which insists the 100 bill is as good if not better than gold and tom from washington. >> we will be in brazil shortly
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and hear from the kids we want everything to be better and better salaries and infrastructure and better education. >> reporter: there is mass marches in support of school teachers on strike for two months and joe will be here to tell you why this puerto rico boss will make history in his first world title fight and stay with us, we will be back after the break. ♪
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welcome back, you are watching the news hour on al jazeera and reminder of the top story,
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arrival of a giant u.s. area craft carrier in south korea is alarming the north and put the arm forces on high alert and missile test is carried out. apex summit in bali indonesia will increase trade and investment to boost the economy and china and japan and united states told them to sort out the debt crisis. and the special forces tried to capture in somalia is al shabaab leader and alleged to be responsible for attacks on u.s. interest for years. and it's been more than ten years since nigeria passed a law banning child labor but the international organization said there are 15 million children working there. in the final part of our series looking at child labor around the world we went to meet some of them in nigeria. >> reporter: he is one of
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millions of nigerian children forced to work in conditions like this. he dropped out of school when he was eight to join the ever-growing number of people working in mines across nigeria and for him the pay justifies the pain. >> translator: with the little i earn here i support family and take care of needs and it's hard work but what options do i have? i'm happy with what i do. >> reporter: and osama said his parents are happy with him working but would rather be in school. with support from a local musician and others brush aside the potential dangers of the work and dig for gold in tunnels hundreds of meters below the surface with no protective equipment. some have been killed or injured. this is a side where osama come to regularly to earn less than
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$1 a day and like thousands of poor, unsecured minors and this job is the only option or getting food for their families and feel lucky to be here. the stones dug by osoma are brought here to be crushed. and then the obstruction process begins. these are the dealers who fund most of the operation, with these and they make most of the profit. and they have the idea of using children like osama is exploitation. >> translator: they have an opportunity of a lifetime and most people here are from poor families and hardly afford three meals a day and these young men support themselves and families are better off than the educated. >> reporter: and back at the mine the focus is to make money and probably be like himself and there are millions like him out of school and out of luck at the
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moment and unless the government finds a way to stop the exploitation millions more will never know the joy of childhood and al jazeera. >> reporter: and we have the director of the african child trust in london and a specialist in international development in pover poverty e ratification and the figures by, nicef have increased over the years and why do you think that and what are the factors contributing to that? >> thank you. i suppose the over arching problem is the age of poverty. i think a lot of people, when they think of nigeria they think of the oil and they think of the wealth that is more in itself a
6:36 am
veneer, below wage is significant amount of poverty and i think that some of the problems that you and your reporters highlighted and what comes to the surface when you peel off the veneer. >> there is legislation to protect children and the government adopted conventions and why is the legislature not being enforced and what is preventing it from being enforced? >> well, as you very well know, it's one thing to have the legislation written down in the tenant on paper. it's another thing to police and enforce it. now, if you look at it, you know, from that dimension then you would recognize that the institutions that are supposed to provide the policing of these regulations have not been
6:37 am
served, trained or able to do so or even resourced to do just that but then the reality on the ground is that there are people who are in poverty who would look for any means of survival and is what they are saying. you see it's a problem that has been on going for many years and while, you know, the children's rights law which was back in 2003 really does help because it establishes the government has an intent. >> reporter: right. >> the reality is that if things do not improve at a ground level, at the domain level, then you will continue to have these problems. >> reporter: and what precisely should be done at the ground level to prevent children from being dragged into child labor? >> i think the key things are the government needs to redistrict its focus into the
6:38 am
issues that surround poverty and those issues are in my view that of education, that of providing social infrastructure that will help the very, very poor in the community move out of the poverty level that holds them down. i mean let me give you some very, very, very simple example. a woman who has been widowed and lost the husband, breadwinner in a very rural community has no education herself, she has six children to look after, there is no social security that she can run to to make provisions for her. what does she do? this is the only outlet for her really is either if she sends the kids to go and begin to work, child labor and walking around on the streets for things and going to work on the farms, agricultural farms as an
6:39 am
agricultural labor and being a domestic person and getting involved in things like the mining, or if they are fortunate organizations like ourselves the african part and working this their community we will go out and reach out to help. but the underlying thing that this family need is having access to education. now, education at primary school level is free. but in practice it is not. where you have to buy school uniform. when you have to pay a teacher's fee for one thing or the other and you don't have that resource and that resource is completely without having to put shelter by your head with having to find food for the kids to eat. it's a huge challenge. so the easy way out is to get them employment. now, government can invest in these areas as i said, in the education area and perhaps look
6:40 am
at means of putting structures in place to allow people to have access to work in a controlled and regulated manner. >> reporter: there is a great deal of underlying problems and thank you for sharing some of them with us. and we are live from london, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: at least ten explosions have taken place across baghdad, the capitol and killed 37 people. more than 100 others were injured in the capitol on monday and security officers were dead at a check point in the town north of baghdad and 6,000 iraqis are killed in sectarian attacks this year. e again protesters were arrested in cairo and raised the death toll from the violence to 55 and fighting broke out between the protesters and security forces, on the 40th anniversary of the
6:41 am
6th of october war. the attorney general ordered an investigation into the violence. in brazil riot police confronted protesters with support for striking teachers and tens of thousands march in south palo and rio and from rio we report. >> reporter: it was not quite the million people march they hoped for but tens of thousands joined the teacher's protest in downtown rio saying the movement in brazil has not lost momentum. >> translator: politicians talk about education all the time. but in reality they don't do anything about it. so we are here demanding them to make good on their promise. >> reporter: i'm here for my kids and we want everything to be better, better salaries and
6:42 am
infrastructure and education. >> reporter: faced with growing pressure and dissents the government agreed to increase teacher's pay but the teachers claim education is being privatized. these people belong to a wider social movement known as the brazilian and started in june and criticizes the president and her policies. the public teachers strike in rio started over 60 days ago and some schools have closed down and they are in front of the city council. >> translator: you can't charge a poor student from a slum for education. the privatization comes when a third entity mediates between the government and school system. >> reporter: the protest ended in violence. small groups were set on fire and vandalized government buildings. police fired tear gas to disburse the crowd. a sign of the trouble that could
6:43 am
lie ahead for brazil in a place host to the world cup next summer, al jazeera rio. >> reporter: coming up, on the news hour the unveiling of monumentel, whos by controversial artists damian hurst and in sports quick by name, not so quick by nature, nhl goalie scored on himself and this is coming up, next. ♪
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. ♪ welcome back, argentina
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president will have brain surgery and need to remove blood between the brain and her skull. the injury may have been caused in august when she fell and hit her head. she was ordered to rest for a month but doctors decided to operate after she complained of a tingling in her left arm. there is more uncertainty on the islands famous for the beautiful beaches and tourist resorts and the maldeise will announce last month's vote and one of the candidates alleged voter fraud and challenged the result and they fell short of 50% needed for an out right victory and the election will be in 12 day's time. and before the ruling masked men set fire to a private tv station which supports the president's reelection campaign the building in mali was badly damaged but the channel is back on air. the smallest nation had the
6:46 am
first democrat esthetic election five years ago and the president resigned last year over protests of his decision to arrest a judge. now a new prototype what leer yeah vaccine is shown up which will protect children in the developing world and drug maker glaxo-smith-kline showed malaysia was half between children of 5-17 months. now native americans are on the war path over a famous football team and say the washington redskins should change its name because it's offensive and barack obama joined the argument as john now reports. >> reporter: a seminar led by the indian nation in the capitol discussing the washington redskins and native americans find them a racist slur and trying to get the team to drop it. >> if it's offending people it's time to change it. >> reporter: it was a small
6:47 am
protest 40 years ago and now it's change the moss cot and strip them of the redskins name and they have white house backing and president obama's weekend comments seen as a game changer to those who want the use of the redskins named ban. >> if i were the owner of the team i would think about changing it. >> reporter: when he first heard the president's remarks the indian leading the name change campaign was as sounded. >> it's about the children of the nation including the indians and how damaging it can be to use racial voice. >> reporter: it carried a hefty price tag and they had an awkward past and relations and last in the league to have a black player and management is hitting back saying in a written statement the name washington redskins is 80 years old and the history, legacy and tradition and redskins fans sing hail to them every sunday in a sign of
6:48 am
honor and not disparagement and they put it bluntly we will never change it, it's that simple, never, you can use caps. constant exposure to racial slurs in a public entertainment arena can have negative effects on the health of those who feel they are being targeted. >> people will have higher problems of physical and mental problems and worse predict poorer physical and mental health over time. >> if this world belongs to young sters then the term redskins will be short lived and teenagers in up state new york attended the seminar to explain why they junked redskins as their school's team name. >> having a moss cot does not change our sense of community and ideas about how we want to represent ourselves. >> reporter: but it may yet take a while for the redskins' name to disappear. change the mascot say they are optimistic to bring change one day and have a fight of the
6:49 am
interest of big business and history in a city they say puts tradition above morality and i'm with al jazeera in washington. >> reporter: live pictures from sweedon and awarded to peter hicks and belgian's for predicting the existence of the higs particle in switzerland but the two physicists, hagues who first published the idea who have been awarded the nobel prize for physics and we will be discussing this later in more detail in our program here on al jazeera. but right now it's time for sports and here is joe. >> thank you very much. we start with the major league baseball playoffs in the series and beat the braves at dodgers
6:50 am
stadium and 3-1 and crawford was going with a couple solo home runs and 2-0 lead and braves rallied and actually had 3-2 advantage in the 7th but that didn't last long and they smashed a 2 run homer in the next inning to wrap up the 4-3 victory and the first time la had a series since 2002009. and the cards or pittsburgh pirates there who the series is on a knife edge and cards won game four for 2-all and he had a two run homer and 2-1 winners and the game is set for wednesday. and the boston red sox could have a championship on monday beating the rays and looked to be on, 3-0 in the 5th before longoria had a three run homer to level the score and jose completed a massive come back
6:51 am
with the game 4-4 in the 9th and launched a solo home run to steal 5-4 win and got the league 2-1. brandon moss had a tie in the 5th inning with a solo home run as they defeated the detroit tigers 6-3 and josh redick and josh smith had homers and 2-1 lead in the division series and grant pitched a hitless inning and became involved in a shouting match with victor martinez and caused the bench and bull pens empty and nobody was ejected and they will close this out on tuesday. >> i don't know what happened honestly and i know balfor is fiery on the mound obviously and yelling a lot and spitting everywhere. you know, that is who he is. and you know sometimes it can
6:52 am
ruffle the feathers of other teams and being a hitter it's frustrated and be in the moment and it can frustrate you a lot, so obviously i think that is all that was. i don't think it was anything more than the two of them yelling at each other. >> in the nhl new york rankers beat them 3-1 with embarrassing moment for a star player and the goalie john than quick was in the first home game since signing a 10 year, 58 million contract extension and allowed two goals and the rankers had 2-0 lead and a huge mistake from quick saw him rebound the puc into his own net and rankers 3-1 win and quick hanging his head in disbelief. the new mba season begins on the 29th of the month and teams are in preseason and two of them, the oklahoma and in 7 different
6:53 am
countries and the oklahoma are the favorites and the western conference champions and playing a philly team who missed out on the playoffs last season. >> it's great in the arena and we played here last summer and brought back a lot of memories walking in here and i'm excited i'm back and know the fans will come out and support us tonight. >> and we will go into international and appointed as the new manager of english and he takes over the two-year contract following the last one and he previously managed from 2009-2013. overseeing promotion from league one to the championship. the route for next year italia is unveiled with is stages certain to raise a few eyebrows
6:54 am
and ball fast is the start of the race on may 9 next year and ireland will host three of the stages and the race was won by beeli and one of three big races known as the ground tour and have hispania and tour de france. >> i thought of this and this is the goal for 2014 and beyond that for the planning for the rest of the season with my team. >> reporter: a boxer will make history and crews will be the first openly gay fighter to contest a title and/with two-time feather weight champion for the vacant wbo feather weight crown in las vegas and it
6:55 am
has been a year since he announced he was gay and the first shot at a world title. that is all the sport for now. >> thank you very much, joe. now the latest words by artist damian has been unveiled and a major buyer of contemporary art for years and making a monumentel statement as we have been finding out. >> the incredible journey of life before birth and after three years in development this was the moment the top secret work was unveiled. the former bad boy of british art he built his reputation when the commission by the head of the museum authority talked about it. >> a very large naked baby, that is not shocking or sensational but i have to understand the world is shaken from a father's associate and things like that and under huge pressure but for education of women it's a great statement. for education of everybody it's a great thing to say look this
6:56 am
is real and how it works. >> reporter: 14 huge sculptures from conception to newborn and they commissioned the sculptures to go outside omedical research center next year and the center piece to get debate and what it stimulates in the national psyche. >> education in the sense of building a society that can be empowered for the future in the long-term beyond oil and gas and there is a knowledge economy and that sounds a little bit dry. part of that is also about questioning about interacting with new ideas and new things and new forms and after that. >> reporter: debate has already started and some people criticized a statute with iconic moment in football un-islamic because it depicts human form and not just about public or
6:57 am
international art, there are five opens in doha this week including art that focuses on the pilgrim tomeka and a blockbuster, the biggest ever, showcasing the pickled sharks that made his name and a skull encrusted with 8601 diamonds and many deal with death but it's the monuments to life that will be a lasting landmark in the city and they are huge, when you stand under them you really get a sense of the scale and the power and seen by thousands of people every single day whether they are interested in art or not. it's at the intersection of a busy part of the city and hospitals due to open in 2014. each person that sees it is going to have a different interpretation to both the value and the meaning. joanne with al jazeera doha. >> stay with us and that is it for the news hour and steven will be back with more world
6:58 am
news and we will be back in a moment. ♪
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>> the government has already shut down, now congress is facing off over the debt ceiling. senate democrats say they'll move ahead with a plan to raise the borrowing limit despite object significance from house republicans. even though much of the government is closed, the supreme court is open for business. we'll break out some of the important cases the justice will weigh in on. >> new protests are planned in egypt following a series of violent clashes that left dozens dead over the last two days in cairo. >> a place they are trying to turn the lights off on solar power, with fines that can reach


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