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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> this is aljazeera. ♪ theme >> welcome to the news hour. i'm here in doha. these are the top stairs. >> this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts. >> the u.s. sets out why it thinks the syrian government's killed more than 1,400 people in a chemical weapons attack. the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors are finishing their work but won't reveal their findings until a full analysis
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is carried out. >> violence in egypt as people are tear gassed during protests against the military. >> i'm in london with some of the rest of today's news including a banned group providing relief to pakistan's flood victims. >> the world's biggest germ is discovered in greenland, deep beneath the ice. >> before the first time the u.s. government has laid awesome details of what it knows about the chemical attack on august 21 near the syrian capitol and blames the syrian government. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said 141,400 people were killed, including 426 children. the u.s. is considering a military strike on syria to remove chemical weapons
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capabilities. >> the united states government know knows at least 1,429 syrian were killed in this attack, including at least 426 children. even the first responders, the doctors, nurses and medics who tried to save them, they became victims themselves. we saw them gasping for air, terrified that their own lives were in danger. this is the indiscriminate, in conceivable horror of chemical weapons. this is what assad did. it masors because if we choose to live in a world where a thug and a murderer like bashar al assad can gas thousands of his own people with impunity even after the u.s. and our allies said no and the world does nothing about it, there will be no end to the test of our evolve
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and the dangers that will flow from those others who believe that they can do as they will. >> in a moment, will speak to diplomatic editor of the united nations in new york. first let's speak to our white house scored in washington, d.c. patty, what did you make of what john kerry had to say. >> it seems after listening to john kerry that the u.s. is going to go ahead with some sort of targeted strike on the syrian military possibly in the hours or days ahead. they did not indicate that they were backing down. as the secretary was speaking, the white house was emailing out what they say is their evidence, they call it indisputable that the government of assad fired chemical weapons rockets at 12 different neighborhoods, killing 1,429 people, including 426 children. let's go through what they say
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their evidence is. they believe they have evidence and they're saying that this is from satellites and human intelligence, also intercepts that the chemical weapons teams in syria that worked with those weapons were in the area for three days before the attack. they have evidence that rockets were fired from areas controlled by the syrian government. they say they have absolutely no evidence that the opposition was seeking to fire chemical weapons. they say they have an intercept from a high ranking syrian official saying that the attack was going to happen and worrying that the u.n. would find out about it. they cited evidence the social media videos that we've seen so many times and say the fact that the area was bombarded more so than ever before they believe was the assad government's attempt to cover it up. the summary was only four pages. i was on a conference calm with the seenery y officials with two things they are not able to prove the president said was
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necessary, establishing a chain of command. they can say definitively that bashar al assad ordered those strikes, but say that he does control the chemical weapons. they believe the people involved are the people who he talks to, so they're citing that as proof. also one thing missing is any physiological sample. they don't have it, but they do say in past cases, they believe sarin gas was used. >> patty, do you think john kerry left any doubt that the u.s. will take some kind of military action in syria? >> i don't think they did leave any doubt. he talked about talking to the members of the congress briefing them further and the american public. he did not indicate that they are going to congress to get any sort of approval, although 200 members of congress have asked for that and 80% of the american public poll would in the most recent survey said the president should ask for permission. that would likely not come from congress. we didn't hear anything from secretary kerry that the white house was going to ask congress
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for approval and pretty much said that they're not going to ask the security council because they don't think they can get a resolution through. it seems they have taken away any possible blockade in their pass for striking. >> john kerry went on to say that the u.s. should not feel alone in its condemnation of the chemical attack in syria or in its desire to action. >> the arab league pledged "to hold the syrian regime fully responsible for this crime." the organization for islamic cooperation condemn would the regime and said we needed "to hold the syrian government legally and morally accountable for this heinous crime." turkey said, there is no doubt that the regime is responsible. our oldest ally, the french said the regime "committed this vile action, and it is an outrage to
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use weapons that the community has band for the last 90 years in all enter nat conventions." the australian prime minister said he didn't want history to record that we were "a party to turning such a blind eye." >> our diplomatic editor dave bass is at the united nations. apart from france, has anyone else said that they want military action? the u.k. has voted no, germany and canada have also said no. >> well, there is a problem in that respect if you are building an international alliance if you have countries that condemn what happened, but you have to have countries to support what may be about to be done and that is facing president obama right now. i think it's pretty clear from the words that we've heard,
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patty's assessment i concur with completely, we now have the u.s. saying they have no faith in the security council, condemning russia for blocking any efforts in the security council, the u.s. saying yes, there's the chemical weapons inquiry, those investigators out there, but we know what they're going to find so don't need to wait for them. i think it's pretty clear they are likely to go it alone. the chemical weapons inspectors will be leaving syria early on saturday morning. that perhaps and that's what observers here believe accounted be the last hurdle the administration has to wait for before possibly launching its open strikes. one other point worth raising, when the as he can tea of state john kerry was making all of those claims, many of those facts are very hard for us, whether we are nearby in syria or some distance away here in the u.n. to challenge, because we don't have access to that tort of intelligence
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information. he said when the inspectors were there on the ground in syria, their access was restricted and controlled. that's an allegation we have not heard before. we know there was an incident when a sniper fired at the adjustment convoy, damaging one of the vehicles, but the u.n. has said it's not identified which side was responsible in this active war scope for firing those shots. i specifically in the last few minutes put that particular phrase from john kerry to a u.n. spokesman who said that the u.n., the head of the inspection team felt that they had had exactly what they'd been promised by the syrian government. there was a memorandum before they went in and they were able to see absolutely everything they wanted to. that one line that the secretary of state said, the one line we can check, the u.n. disputes. >> meanwhile, james, the u.n.
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attorney general has been briefing the five permanent members of the security council about what the weapons inspectors have been doing. what did he have to say? >> well, he was briefing the five permanent members. he's cut short a trip to europe and he was briefing them on the time line of what happens next, the time line that might become somewhat irrelevant if the u.s. decides to take its own independent action. those inspectors will be leaving syria early saturday morning but then don't expect any fast findings from investigation to be released. they have no mobile laboratory with them in syria, to the samples they got, the medical samples taken from the bodies of the dead and from some of the parties who were injured and the other samples of residue at the scene, they're going to come out of syria with the inspectors.
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the inspectors will then take them to europe. they have to establish that chain of custody that they were in the hands of the scientists all the way. they go to the laboratories. the professor who heads the team will supervise this laboratory work. the work could take days, wean weeks before they analyze it all and come up with a final result. they say they will expedite the work as much as possible, but that needs to be for something as important as this, a rig rouse analysis. >> james, thank you, james bays outside u.s. headquarters in new york with that jacki is live in paris, the u.s. mentioning franks as one of its allies in that speech by john kerry and today, the french president's language getting firmer. it sounds like france is still keen on mill tar intervention in
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syria. >> he certainly sounded as if he had made hit mind up when he spoke about how the world cannot and must not leave the attack in syria unpunished. he said to do so would be to sending a very dangerous message to anyone in the world that office ok to use chemical weapons. he seemed to speak with a lot of resolve, saying even if there isn't a u.n. security council resolution and that doesn't look eminent at all that axled take place, basing its legitimacy based on declarations by the arab league, referring to the broad international census that john kerry referred to rewarding international condemnation of these attacks. he said france has special
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responsibility because its one of the few military advanced countries in the world that has the kind of capabilities, aircraft carriers, fighter jets and bases in other countries closer to the proposed area of action. that meant that france was one of those countries that could participate in the meaningful way. obviously john kerry was talking about all the various international partners he's been contacting to try to forge this broad coalition. most of that would just be moral support or very simple logistickiccal support. france is one of the countries that has the military equipment that could participate in a meaningful way, so the french pattes france is ready and it's a case of when he decides to take a position. all the elements seem to be lining up to some kind of military intervention in syria. >> jacki, live from paris with the latest on the french government's position.
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meanwhile, members of the british parliament surprised many when they failed to back a call for military action in syria. we have a report from london. >> the day after a vote in the british parliament that will be talked about for many years leaves the prim minister who's authority has been badly damaged. >> we have to listen to parliament. parliament spoke and made i think a very clear view which it doesn't want british involvement in military action. we will proceed on that basis. >> has this hurt britain's relationship with america? this american commentator feels the parliament still hauntedly iraq was affected by that. >> if you face these sort of uncertainties, i think that's what i found disturbing last night listening to these people kind of caught in this iraqi time warp. >> the special relationship was
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forged in the second world war. there have been ups and downs, some presidents and prime ministers got on better than others, but it has endured through the decades. although it's a friendship the british as junior partners probably always cared about more as the americans. >> the british parliament that humiliated david cameron, but there are those who worry that it has somehow diminished britain's place in the world and help make it a less important international player. >> i spoke to one of the conservative rebels, an m.p. who voted against military involvement in syria. >> britain is still an economic power, but our status relative to our countries around the world is sadly relatively diminishing all the time. as the world's economy rebalances towards former developing countries in asia,
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africa, south america, actually some other countries now should step up to the plate and see if they can't take on some of the responsibilities that the u.k. and u.s. have borne for so long. >> it will be events in syria in the coming months that show us whether the british missed an opportunity to help make the world a safer place or were very wise not to get involved. aljazeera. >> we are joined now from london with the direct i-of the center for international studies and diplomacy. the u.k. was not mentioned in john kerry's speech. what is the u.k.'s vote done to the u.s. and u.k.'s special relationship, do you think?
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>> i would hope it strengthened it, because this is the common sense voice of the people of britain and i think the rather suppressed voice of the american people that having fueled the flames in syria is not going to help. i think that there is a sense in the u.k. that the americans are intent on regime change in damascus and that their pro testations that they're not are no more credible when they said over libya that they weren't intending to get rid of gadhafi and there are considerable doubts about what really went on here and what the intelligence is. people don't wish to be fooled. it isn't just the question over iraq. people are skeptical and have a desire to say much more intended on negotiation and much more pressure on israel, which
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doesn't sign any of these treaties and never gets mentioned in the west. >> the parliament and u.k. citizens clearly against military intervention in syria, but does a u.k. government want to still try and do something or anything that they can do to help or work with the u.s. going forward, as far as syria goes? >> i think that the-wise old machine will and cameron will still do all they can to support president obama. we'll have to see what the congress does and whether the actions of the british people in parliament resonates now in the american congress. i think the parliament will want to know that the british military is under political control and the british military is not going off out of control, continuing to plan for the overthrow of the assad regime.
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>> now john kerry has said that any action taken will not resemble iraq or afghanistan in any way, that there will be no boots on the ground, but this all sounds rather familiar, doesn't it? >> well, up to a point. the americans certainly always said that there would be troops in both afghanistan and iraq. the question, i think is what will any military action, what form will it take? permanently, i think that the idea that we're just ball watching, one move and then another, as if there isn't a rather more thought-out plan i think is naive. i would say will we see gulf states perhaps even the saudis give military support or military cover, even if the arab league doesn't to provide some political support, if not legality to the american action?
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i think it would change perceptions if there were other states. if there really is such an egregious of international norms, which indeed it is, then why aren't other countries prepared to act? >> dan, thank you for speaking to us. from the center of the international studies and diplomacy at university of london. >> still to come, accusations that soldiers have raped victims of familiar anyone and violence in somalia. >> the m20 rebel group has said its stopping fighting in the congo and will withdraw from the front line. >> tiger woods looks to have shaken off his back problems on the p.g.a. tour.
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>> a curfew is underway in egypt after another day of protest after a military takeover. our team on the ground saying neighborhoods around mosques have been sealed off by security forces. according to the health ministry, three people have been killed across the country and another 36 people reported injured. these are pictures of demonstrations taking place. these pictures show the army meanwhile, firing tear gas on anti coupe protestors in cairo. they say they will continue taking to the streets. we are live in our cairo bureau. tear gas being fired at protestors, reports that at least three people have been killed so far. are there still a lot of people
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out on the streets of cairo and in other parts of egypt right now? >> no, relative to the day, there aren't that many people. now we have seen two different protests, anti coup protests in cairo, one near the presidential palace. it's the first time that the area sees protests past curfew. an area near here earlile on in the day, you were showing pictures of tear gas fired in that area. well, the situation developed throughout the course of the night and i would say hundreds of anti coup protestors were in a stand off. in the last 45 minutes, we've seen the security forces move in, disperse the protestors and arrest a lot of the people who were still on the streets.
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we didn't see more tear gas being fired. it seems that that situation has calmed down but there's been a strong message sent throughout the course of the day by state media on the radio and so on that the security forces will deal very strongly with anyone who breaks the curfew which is now of course in effect. >> now, i know it's hard to estimate how big the protests are, but last friday, we saw more sub sued protests at a result of the security crackdown and after the arrest of so many muslim brotherhood leaders. were there more people from what you saw out on the streets today? >> yes, i was on the streets and i can definitely say there were more protestors on the street this friday than last friday. there were some protests that took place in cairo that were 20-30 people, others, there were thousands, you could hardly see the end of the line.
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there was a bit of a change in tactic. you weren't quite sure where the protests were popping up, we were following twitter as journalists trying to track them. there was an effort on the part of the protestors to keep within the confines, the very debilitating confines of the security forces who essentially had closed down a lot of mosques today, had been very heavily present on the streets and closed the entrances and exits to cities. it was very difficult for everyone to move around, let alone these protestors. >> thank you very much. live for us from cairo. >> the egyptian authorities have arrested an aljazeera team covering events in cairo. our correspondent wayne is seen here. they have been held since tuesday, two others working for our sister channels have been
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detained for several weeks now. aljazeera is urging the egyptian authorities to release our colleagues unconditionally. >> it's time to get other stories making the news now from london. >> troops in the democratic republic of congo have occupied hills after rebels with drew. the u.n.-backed congolese have been fighting since they broke away from the army and tried to take control of the country earlier this year. the rebels now have withdrawn to allow an investigation into shellings that have killed civilians. a convoy of troops, tanks and trucks left the capitol heading toward the border with congo. >> a line has been crossed.
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the point where our people are harmed is the limit. the persistent shelling is unacceptable as it would be any, any sovereign nation. civilians are targeted by the forces and we have remained restrained for as long as we can, but this provocation can no longer be tolerated. >> malcolm webb spent days with the soldiers who occupied those hills. >> this hill was an m23 position just a short while ago. it's a strategic point outside the city to the short distance over there. the congo government soldiers say they have a victory pushing the rebels further away from the city with u.n. support. >> just at the bottom of the hill are the remains of an m23 arms cache. soldiers say it was hit by a
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helicopter gun ship. the u.n. has been supporting with artillery and ground troops. >> this took was looted by the m23 rebels when they briefly occupied the capitol last year. it's been hit by a bomb. you can see the tires completely torn to shreds, the gear stick is all that remains of the control. at the top of the cap are holes torn by shrapnel. >> to iraq now where two bombs have killed 12 people, most of them children. it happened in a busy marketplace on the edge of the town. 19 others were injured in those blasts. >> thousands of people across pakistan are in desperate need of aid as the country struggles be large scale flooding.
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it's not just the government that's providing them with aid. >> the flag of army of god flies proudly as its members scan the floodwaters looking for people in need. the group is banned in pakistan, and is considered a terrorist organization by the united states, but that hasn't stopped it from delivering emergency aid. at this relief camp sponsored by its political and charitable arm, victims are given food and medical assistance. this woman lost everything when floodwaters swept away from her home. after waiting for hours, she is given two bags of cooked rice. >> the flood has destroyed my house. all our farmland is gone and our livestock is dead. we have nothing left, and no one is helping us, except them. thanks to them, i can feed my
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family. >> it's part of a calculated campaign to improve its image. >> it's parent organization is accused of carrying out the 2008 mumbai aattacks and has long been involved in the conflict, as pakistan struggles to cope with four years of widespread flooding and government criticized for not doing more to keep it from happening, the group is credited with saving thousands of lives. this man said the group is being treated unfairly. >> our core mission is to serve humanity. the world views us as muslims with long beards. we are help those suffering but accused of being involved in terrorism. we want people to know it is not true and we are only here to offer help.
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>> those worst affected by the floods are grateful for this help. aljazeera, southern punjab. >> i'll be back with more later in the program. let's get back to doha. >> there's lots more to come in this news hour. we'll have analysis on the complicated political arena in egypt and what the protestors want. >> twice as long as the grand canyon, yet hidden for 4 million years. we have details of an amazing discovery in greenland. >> the nfl agrees to a multi-million dollar payout. >> no matter what, my three children will be able to go on to college and get their education.
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mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo. stories that matter to you. >> welcome back. the top stories here on aljazeera, for the first time,
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the u.s. government laid out details about the attack that it blames on the syrian government. john kerry issued a call to the international community calling president bashar al assad a thug and murderer. >> the five permanent members of the u.n. security council have been briefed. the investigative team will need time to analyze findings. >> parts of egypt held by the anti-coup alliance, three people have been killed and others injured. >> almost two months since the military coup led to the ouster of president mohamed morsi, those opposed to it remain
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defiant. protestors gathered across the country. north egypt, this was the scene. in spite of the army and police blocking roads and setting up check points, thousands gathered to register they're dissent. in the west, demonstrations were head there, as well. >> large parts of the capitol, too, were brought to a stand still with protesting held in at least six different locations. demonstrations were also held in several other cities across the country. since the military removed morsi from power, several journalists have been held, many others contained, including five from aljazeera, making it difficult to report from the ground. with egyptian media choosing not to report on the protest, protestors have steramed live
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video over the internet. at the same time, rem in it sense of the days under mubarak's rule, the country's state television focused its cameras on empty streets. meanwhile, the streets that weren't empty appeared united under one banner. many chose to adopt the four finger salute on a yellow background, a symbol that has come to represent the anti coup movement. with so many muslim brotherhood leaders and other figures in jail, friday's turnouts was a test of just how much position there is to the coupe among ordinary egyptians. with protesters out in force across egypt, it appears the coup isn't at popular as many thought.
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>> a member of the freedom and justice party out of the muslim brotherhood was at a protest and cairo and spoke to us earlier on the phone. >> everyone is represented in this demonstration. they are looking for the people's right to choose the president of the country. this is the situation there. a lot of people from the cities, village and towns are represented there. they are condemning the military coup, we sigh that sisi is the one to be blamed for all the results that happened recently. again it is the campaign of arrests, and people here are keen to continue the path until the end. >> that was a supporter of the
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former president mohamed morsi. here is mohamed from the anti morsi camp. >> what's going on in cairo is ok. demonstrations, protests that are very peaceful and we hope they will continue in the peaceful movement. the presence of the security is there. a few moments ago, we have witnessed some incidents that we feel sorry about. people with weapons just trying to fire, again, it's the police station and we hope the demonstration will go peacefully and we don't accept any violence. let me say that it's not a coup. the people are not going to do a coup again. it's the protestors. the people on the 30th of june
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want egypt to be free, independent and to be held in a certain way. after that, we have the roadmap to follow and we node to commit ourselves to this roadmap. we welcome any factions to join the people. >> back now to syria and the u.s. president barack obama has been meeting with the national security council. a recorded statement by the u.s. president is expected to be released soon. some details of that statement have been leaked, and the president is expected to say that the syrian chemical attack on august 21, near the syrian capital damascus is a challenge to the world and that it threatens u.s. national security interests. obama, according to this leaked
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details of the statement, the president will say that he has made no final decision on syria, but that he is considering a "limited, narrow act." those are some details of a recorded statement from the u.s. president, barack obama, who has been meeting with the national security council, and this comes after a statement by the u.s. john kerry, the u.s. secretary of state. for the first time in that statement, the u.s. government laid out details of what it knows about the chemical attack on august 21 that it blames on the syrian government. he issued a call for action from the international community. john kerry said that more than 1,400 people were killed in that attack, including 426 children.
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it says -- he said that the u.s. government is confident that the syrian government is responsible for this attack, and that they believe that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people. we will bring you that statement when it comes in. >> the syrian conflict has destablized neighboring countries. there's fierce that western strikes against the regime could engulf the region in even more violence. the syrian government has threatened to defend itself. it still has powerful allies. >> syria's president bashar al assad has supporters here in lebanon and across the region. he knows he can count on that them. lebanon shia group hezbollah is fighting alongside the region and iran has warned the united states to stay out of the conflict.
2:42 pm
if not, it threatened to retaliate against israel. many say that is not an empty threat. if the survivor of the bashar al assad regime is in question. syrias assad is strategic for their survival. it is a warning the syrian president made back in 2011, syria, he said is a fault line. when you play with it, there could be an earthquake that would affect the entire region. that region includes israel, where people crowded distribution centers for gas masks. the israeli government deployed missile defense batteries in retaliation for a possible attack. in jordan, people are afraid, even though the government said it will not allow its territory to be used to launch attacks against syria. the government has been accused of participating in what it called a u.s. led aggression. a man recently hosted a meeting
2:43 pm
of countries likely to take part in any military intervention. >> things can be resolved without a military strike, because it will have consequences the people don't need. >> syria issued a threat, saying the country hasn't attacked jordan in the last two and a half years and that would be a shame if that had to change. the arab league has not stated a position. egypt said it wouldn't support military action and people there seem to have little appetite for any action by the west. >> this is part of americas plan to divide the middle east. it started with iraq and now syria and this is in israel's interest. >> an american intervention is a flagrant interference. it happened in iraq. it might happen in syria and maybe even egypt. >> the syrian leadership has
2:44 pm
promised to defend itself against attack. it didn't say how, but there are those who have warned what assad has repeatedly said. the fire in syria won't stop at its borders. >> we are expecting very shortly a statement by the u.s. president barack obama on the situation in syria. some details of a recorded statement that the president made while he was meeting with the u.n. or rather the national security council over syria have been leaked. we are hearing that he says the syrian chemical attack is a challenge to the world and threatens a national security interest, u.s. national security interests. according to the leak, obama said he has made no final decision on syria, but is considering a limited, narrow attack. more details with, obama said the u.n. security council has shown and incapacity to act in
2:45 pm
the face of a clear violation of international norms in syria, and in one more detailed leak, obama said no one is more "war weary" than he is, but must be will to safeguard international norms, these are leaks of an expected statement to be released soon by the u.s. president barack obama. let's get more details from patty calendar has in, who is outside the white house in washington, d.c. patty, have you heard anymore details about this statement? >> no, basically the way this works is the president's having a meeting with other world leaders in the oval office. we were told he was going to say something on syria, you can't often bring live cameras into the oval office. there's a press pool that has a camera with it. they've gone in, the president made those statements. the print reporters do send out notes, the wire service send out
2:46 pm
immediate notes of exactly what the president said. we're waiting for the thames to make it back to right over there, where we'll be able to show it to the world. yes, we believe the president said that he has not made a decision. he is telling people that it will be a limited, narrow action. it's sounding like he's really come down to the possibility that it will likely be some sort of cruise missile strikes on military command and control. it's important to point out the narrative. >> patty, sorry to interrupt. that statement by the u.s. president is coming in. let's listen to what he had to say. >> today we believe are unclassified assessments detailing with confidence that the assad regime carried out a chemical weapons attack that killed thousands of people including children. we saw the images that shocked us all. this kind of attack is a challenge to the world. we cannot accept a world where
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women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well-established international norms against the use of chemical weapons, by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region, like israel, turkey and jordan, and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who mated use them against us. so, i have said before, and i meant what i said, that the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm, but as i've
2:48 pm
already said, i have had my military, and our team look at a wide range of options. we have consulted with allies, we've consulted with congress, we've been in conversations with all the interested parties, and in no event are we considering any kind of military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long term campaign, but we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act that would help make sure that not only syria, but others around the world understand that the international community cares about maintaining this chemical weapons ban and norm. but again, i repeat, we're not
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considering any open-ended commitment. we're not considering any boots on the ground approach. what we will do is consider options that meet the narrow concern around chemical weapons, understanding that there's not going to be a solely military solution to the underlying conflict and tragedy that's taking place in syria, and i will continue to cult closely with congress in addition to the release of the unclassified document. we are providing a classified briefing to congressional staff today, and will offer that same classified briefing to members of congress, as well as our international partners. i will continue to provide updates to the american people as with we get more information. with that, i want to welcome the
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presidents to the white house. these countries that they represent all share very deep ties to the united states, both as allies and because of the extraordinary people to people relations that we have with these countries. i want to thank all the presidents who are here and their nations for all that they do to promote democracy not only in their own countries, but around the world. the ball particulars are among our most reliable allies innate toe, and our commitment to their security. >> we've been listening to a recorded statement by the u.s. president barack obama over syria, this coming after a statement a short while ago by the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry. patty is live outside the white
2:51 pm
house. president obama is reiterating what john kerry had to say, no boots on the ground and considering a limited act in syria, but no details of what that might constitute. >> they've made it pretty clear through leaks to certain news organizations that what they are considering is a targeted strike using cruise missiles off the coast. there are five u.s. destroys, likely submarines, although they don't talk about that. the president is definitely trying to send a message to the american people that this is not iraq, saying this is narrowed and focused, limited. i think one thing we should point out is that the president is talking a lot about the in tend the consequences, but not the unintentional. the president said the message is to send a message to assad, using the words shot across the bow to don't use chemical weapons again. what if they are used again, what is the president willing to
2:52 pm
do then. the president has not laid out his legal justification. he has been saying as you just heard that it is in our interests, because our allies are at risk. the question has not been asked why they assume that weapons were allegedly used within syria that they would be used outside. the goal the president says is that make sure the assad government maintains control of its chemical weapons. they don't want them to end up in the hands of terrorist organizations. how does that make it more likely, not less. there's another concern not addressed by the obama administration, admitting to me last night they don't know where all the chemical munitions are. planning these strikes, you can't be sure they aren't going to hit any stockpiled weapons. it's nearly impossible to destroy c.w. from any kind of bomb. it spreads a toxic cloud that
2:53 pm
kills people and you can't control it. it's clear the white house is trying to painted the narrative that they are going to do this, send a message and there won't be any repercussions other than letting the world know that the u.s. means what it says. >> why do you think the u.s. has done away with any element of surprise as far as a possible military strike goes? >> it really has been striking. usually you get some sort of telegraphing, but not like this. this has been going on for a week. it allows the president's opponents to try and garner support against him, if enough members of congress came forward and demand that he get authority that could stop his plan. that doesn't look like it's going to happen. it allow allows the government e machinery and equipment across the country. the obama administration is saying they've got satellites overseeing syria. they have human intelligence, it
2:54 pm
does definitely increase the chance that they won't hit what they were hope to go hit. >> patty, thanks very much. once again, patty calhane live for us in washington d.c. let's go to james bays in new york. james, obama, like john kerry, making it pretty clear to the u.s. is prepared to go it alone. >> absolutely. i think now if you read slightly between the lines from the secretary of state to the president, we know almost everything. we know they are not going to try and get the u.n. security council to atify any action. we know they are not going to wait for those weapons inspectors to conclude their report, because that could take days, even weeks, because there is still laboratory work to do. we know what sort of strike is going to take place, a limited,
2:55 pm
narrow strike is what the president is talking about. we know absolutely everything, i think now, apart from the timing of this strike. i can tell you the u.n. here is concerned about when this might happen. they are worried about possible consequences that directly affect the u.n. there are staff working inside syria. i'm told that some staff who were considering going on leave were told this would be a good time to go on leave and some have left in the last few hours. other staff outside syria due to return have been told you can extend your leave if you want, we'd like to reduce the foot print of staff inside syria. they're also concerned about the effect on the refugee population. we've already got close to 2 million refugees, very close, probably past that mark in the neighboring countries in the next few days. i'm told by those that know if there are air strikes in damascus, they fear there could be hundreds of thousands of more
2:56 pm
ref fees adding to the ones already crossing those borders. their concerned about coping with that. of course we've heard from president obama that it is a very limited strike, but there is concern that it will force some people who have stayed on despite all the blood shed, all the turmoil that's gone on for two and a half years across the country. >> from what we've heard, do you think it matters at all what that u.n. tell quell weapons reporter is going to say? >> no, i really don't at this stage. we heard john kerry saying that the chemical weapons report, which has been pain stakingly carried out, they've got all their samples. they've managed to retrieve the samples, the hair, 18 samples, from those that survive, the
2:57 pm
environmental samples from residue at the scene. they say they've got pretty good stuff think think, material that could then if they do the laboratory work give them a clear idea of what happened. the problem, of course with the u.n. investigation is that their mandate is to simply say whether there was a chemical attack, not who carried out that chemical attack. when john kerry spoke, he said i think we already know what the u.n. report is going to say and he's pointing to that intelligence information that he gave out at the time he gave his briefing. >> ok, james, thank you very much once again, james bays at the u.n. headquarters for us. once again, the u.s. president barack obama has just given a recorded statement, saying the u.s. government is considering a targeted military strike on syria. we'll have more for you on this in another portion of news for you after a quick break.
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saudi arabia for that. ♪ >> our top stories at this our, moments ago, president obama made a statement about the situation in syria and possible action the u.s. will take after chemical weapons were used against syrian civilians. obama is considering a limited, narrow action. >> i have said before, and i meant when what i said, that the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision. >> the president also called the deadly chemical attack a "challenge to the world that threatens national security


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