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by TFWNoGiantGF

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The description says: It's October! Here's the up-and-coming /co/ flavor of the month: Pumpkin! Namely, Max Green and Teresa Green (alias Loom) from Pumpkin Reports! (And by up-and-coming, I mean hyper-obscure and with anons still scurrying to collect missing episodes as we speak.) Her hair even looks like the kind of thing Jack Skellington would climb up and sing on! Also, just by chance, released this image just in time for the official site to put up a giantess episode, so wooo! The...
Topics: Giantess, Girl, Pumpkin, Teresa, Alien, Tentacule, draw
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by FuckerRoller

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The description says: feet foot giantess gts Bored about the constantly attack of giant women in the city or any other place? Well, we have the greatest solution! Our book  How to survive a giantess attack (Dummy edition)™  has a complete guide of good practices about how to react to a giant woman. To encourage to our future sales, we present a substratum of our book. Lesson 1:  Don't read this. And that is! You will able to find our book in 2999 (Approximate date). IMAGE DETAILS Image...
Topics: Giantess, Girl, macrophilia, crush, feet, Original character