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In Bill Bartelt's new book, "Abe's Youth," he delves into the childhood of Abraham Lincoln and its influence on him as a leader and during times of trials and triumphs. Lincoln's time in Indiana was instrumental to shaping him into a leader. This journey into understanding Lincoln's childhood shows humble beginnings leading to a strong and focused leader. Bill Bartelt is a historian based out of Newburg, Indiana who focuses on Lincoln's time in the state. He has written and edited...
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
The values each of us hold dear, and the choices we make as free individuals, are heavily influenced by what we draw from experience. An informed appreciation of history enables each of us to appropriate the wealth of accumulated human experience beyond our own. Abraham Lincoln lived a quarter century in Illinois. Throughout his life in Illinois he had an impact on the citizens and they had an impact on him. Learn how Lincoln developed key character traits that would make him the Great...
Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, American Presidents