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Lincoln Programs at the Allen County Public Library

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Nicole Etcheson is Alexander M. Bracken Professor of History at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Her research focuses on the sectional crisis, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.
Topics: United States -- Politics and government -- 1861-1865, 29th Annual Lincoln Colloquium
In Bill Bartelt's new book, "Abe's Youth," he delves into the childhood of Abraham Lincoln and its influence on him as a leader and during times of trials and triumphs. Lincoln's time in Indiana was instrumental to shaping him into a leader. This journey into understanding Lincoln's childhood shows humble beginnings leading to a strong and focused leader. Bill Bartelt is a historian based out of Newburg, Indiana who focuses on Lincoln's time in the state. He has written and edited...
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Programs at the Allen County Public Library

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Hoosiers like to think that our greatest president derived his greatness from his youth growing up in Indiana. In fact, Abraham Lincoln rejected many of the values of 19th-century Indiana. Indiana was a Democratic state; Lincoln was a Whig. Indiana was a black law state, with legal discriminations against African Americans; Lincoln’s policies as president would end the black laws. Lincoln left Indiana at age 21 and like many a youth, he choose a path for his adult life that differed from his...
Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Indiana History, Abraham Lincoln's Childhood, Spencer County Indiana, Lincoln at...